Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What? We Aren't in College Anymore?

This weekend we traveled up to Boone for Appalachian State Homecoming! We started the tradition last year, and we have already started planning for next year... can you tell we didn't have any fun?! Its amazing to me that we have been out of college for three years now, I feel like we just graduated yesterday. I don't know why that is so hard for me to understand, Hunter and I definitely do not act like we were just in college... in bed by 10pm most weekends, and we have a beer once a month, maybe... yeah, lamest 24/25 year olds ever. BUT, we are cool enough to rent a sweet cabin for homecoming weekend with our college friends and party like its 2007... kinda. And by kinda, I mean we were too tired from Friday night shenanigans/tailgating/football game to celebrate the Mountaineer victory. We got back Saturday night, cooked a wonderful family style dinner, and most of us crashed. But I guess thats just the way it goes, and I am perfectly okay with it!  In the morning, we all got up early and went to breakfast at the Daniel Boone Inn, it was delicious! After breakfast most of us went shopping at the outlets and spent money we shouldn't have... or was that just me? And if we were 21 year old college students, we would have been too hungover to have enjoyed such a wonderful weekend in Boone with great friends! Here are a few "crazy" pictures of our awesome weekend!

Red Bear Cabin- App. Homecoming 2011

Grandfather Mountain in the distance.

Grandfather Mountain.

                                                 My love. 

My favorite part of the drive.

Of course we could not wait to get home to our sweet girl :)

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