Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What? We Aren't in College Anymore?

This weekend we traveled up to Boone for Appalachian State Homecoming! We started the tradition last year, and we have already started planning for next year... can you tell we didn't have any fun?! Its amazing to me that we have been out of college for three years now, I feel like we just graduated yesterday. I don't know why that is so hard for me to understand, Hunter and I definitely do not act like we were just in college... in bed by 10pm most weekends, and we have a beer once a month, maybe... yeah, lamest 24/25 year olds ever. BUT, we are cool enough to rent a sweet cabin for homecoming weekend with our college friends and party like its 2007... kinda. And by kinda, I mean we were too tired from Friday night shenanigans/tailgating/football game to celebrate the Mountaineer victory. We got back Saturday night, cooked a wonderful family style dinner, and most of us crashed. But I guess thats just the way it goes, and I am perfectly okay with it!  In the morning, we all got up early and went to breakfast at the Daniel Boone Inn, it was delicious! After breakfast most of us went shopping at the outlets and spent money we shouldn't have... or was that just me? And if we were 21 year old college students, we would have been too hungover to have enjoyed such a wonderful weekend in Boone with great friends! Here are a few "crazy" pictures of our awesome weekend!

Red Bear Cabin- App. Homecoming 2011

Grandfather Mountain in the distance.

Grandfather Mountain.

                                                 My love. 

My favorite part of the drive.

Of course we could not wait to get home to our sweet girl :)

Knee Deep In the Water Somewhere...

This summer the Crews' packed up for a fun-filled week at Kitty Hawk! It was so nice to spend some quality time with Hunter's family. It was especially nice to see Hunter and Tim get to have some fun together. Even though we all live in the same town, our busy schedules limit us to only seeing each other once a week. The boys had a little bit too much fun doing all the things they did as "little" boys.  

If we were out on the beach, this is where you would find the boys...

And this is where you would find Liz and I! 
What would be a vacation with me without visiting a museum? Exactly. So of course we went to the Wright Brother's Monument and Museum. Hunter gets a special award... again.
Kites and the monument.

As much fun as we had hanging out with Tim and Liz, and sightseeing around the Outer Banks... the most fun was hanging out with this kiddo! Trey was so much fun. By the end of the week Trey was  getting tired of saying Uncle Hunter... way too long, lets be honest. "Hunker" was a much easier way of getting his uncle's attention! 

 I'm already looking forward to next year's trip... 
especially looking forward to updating the family picture ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our First Home!

We got Molly on a Wednesday, that following Sunday... we put an offer on our first home. No big deal. We moved in on March 5, we absolutely love it!


Good Golly, Miss Molly!

January 26, 2011 was a pretty awesome day in the Crews house. It was Wednesday, we both went to work like any other day. I was working late in my classroom that afternoon, when all of a sudden I heard lots of "Awwww" in the hallway. When I walked out of my classroom this is what I saw:

This sweet little pup was found abandoned on the side of the road in Pfafftown. One of my co-worker's daughter found her there in a paper bag! I knew she was going home with me, there was no way she was going to the pound. So I took this picture and sent it to Hunter. Then I called him and explained the situation, and he told me to bring her home. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty overwhelmed, I wrapped her in my northface fleece that luckily was in the car and off we went. She was scared at first, but soon she fell asleep in my arms all wrapped up and warm. 

 Hunter said from the moment he walked through the door when he got home from work, "DO NOT get attached to this dog." "We have to make sure she is healthy first." "No, you cannot name her." You see Hunter and I are planners, we plan everything, and most of the time far in advance. We plan our dinners for the week every Sunday, we had also planned out that we wouldn't get a dog until we bought a house. But I still wanted a little puppy so bad! The discussion that night on January 26 went something like this. Hunter continuing to tell me not to get attached, and in response I rambled off possible names for her... he knew that I didn't listen before he married me. The first night was rough, I was up with her on the hour, every hour. She just didn't like being locked up in the bathroom by herself. Going up and down the three flights of stairs from the apartment for potty breaks wasn't that much fun either. At 5am, Hunter got up for work and had the puppy with him, the first thing I see when I wake up is Hunter walking down the hallway saying "Come on, Molly" with the little pup following closely behind! Luckily, everything at the vet checked out ok, and Molly Crews joined our family!
Molly really is the best!

Our First Christmas

The Christmas of 2010 was our first as a married couple and our 10th together. I really enjoyed decorating our apartment for the Christmas season... Hunter says a little too much. Here are just a few pictures of our Christmas.


Hunter playing video games, typical. 

Hunter got his first Christmas PJs, Wood family tradition. 


Our honeymoon in Aruba was amazing. I find myself wishing all the time that we could go back tomorrow. Raise your hand if you can tell me where Aruba is located? Sorry, that would be the geography teacher in me. I only ask this question because I had NO idea where Aruba was until I booked the trip. I knew it was in the Caribbean, but I did not know how close it was to South America. It is a very small island (17 miles long) right off the coast of Venezuela... yeah, IT WAS HOT. As soon as we got off the plane the heat hit us like a brick wall, within seconds Hunter made a very inappropriate comment about how his "somethings" were already sweating...

We stayed at the Marriott Resort in Palm Beach, it was so nice! One thing that was great about Aruba was that we didn't have to stay on the resort the whole week due to lack of safety. Aruba is very safe, we walked down the beach every night into "town." This is where we ate most of our dinners and did a little shopping with the local street vendors. The first night we ate at this awesome BBQ restaurant called Smokey Joe's. It was caribbean influenced BBQ... it was SO good. We got some sort of platter that had BBQ shrimp and chicken, pulled pork, ribs, some banging potatoes, and last but not least, fried plantains. It was my favorite thing to eat while we were in Aruba, and almost every restaurant had them.

On our walk into town on the first night. Notice the sun... that was the last time we saw it until the day we left. 

Beautiful sunset, one of the only ones we saw.

Second night, dinner and a show at the resort.
 The third day, Hunter got the Husband of the Year Award when he agreed to go on a 6 hour island tour with me :) We were both really glad we did it... even though we were probably the youngest people on the tour by 20 years. The bus driver was full of interesting facts, I will share some with you throughout the post. We went and saw California Lighthouse on the northern most tip of the island. FUN FACT: tourists are no longer allowed to go up to the top because about 10 years ago a tourist couple committed suicide by jumping off the top...
Awkwardly posing in front of California Lighthouse. 

 This picture (above) was taken from the bottom of the lighthouse, notice the overcast conditions? This was what it was like ALL week... when we go back home, the first comment we got was "Wow, we expected you two to come back really tan!" There was a lot of sun on the first day and I put on SPF 85... My worst fear was that I would get really bad sunburn on the first day and be miserable the rest of the week. Needless to say, I got no sun at all. But I digress. We also went to Alto Vista Chapel, it was the first church on the island.
 As you can see from the picture above, Aruba was very, very dry. The island itself is all volcanic rock, it has little to no water. All of the water on the island comes from the desalinization plant, the water out of the tap tastes like bottled water, yumm. When the Spanish first explored the area they chose not to colonize it because it is basically a desert island that gets little to no rain... So the Dutch colonized it instead. They eventually discovered some gold, and later they discovered granite. We saw some of the old mines and quarries, but neither were sustainable resources for industry. Currently, tourism is Aruba's main industry, they also have a brewery with their own local beer called Balashi, it was a really good pilsner. There is also an oil refinery that used to refine oil from Venezuela, but  the U.S./Venezuelan conflict caused Aruba to take sides. Venezuela gave Aruba an ultimatum, if Aruba was going to trade with the U.S. then Venezuela would not trade with Aruba. American tourism is too important to Aruba's economy, so the Valero refinery now just sits there. The embargo between Venezuela and Aruba has also caused the cost of most goods to drastically increase, everything was pretty expensive down there. I did not mean for this post to turn into a social studies lesson!
Our next stop was the Natural Bridge, it was a land bridge that collapsed in 2005. But we were able to see Baby Bridge!

Of course Hunter had to find something to eat. 

 At our next stop we got to go snorkeling at Baby Beach... Fun Fact: this is where the that American woman reportedly went missing a few months ago, her boyfriend is currently one of the only people sitting in the only prison on the island. Very little crime occurs in Aruba, the locals understand that tourists mean jobs, and tourists don't like crime. The only major crimes in Aruba in the last few years seem to be rich white guys going a little crazy on their vacations.
Baby Beach

One of our nightly walks

Hunter taught me how to play chess, I'm not very good at all. 
 It NEVER RAINS in Aruba, thats what we were told time and time again. It really never does, except on our honeymoon and on the day that we planned to get on a boat and go on a snorkeling trip!! FUN FACT: The average rainfall in Aruba is less than 20" year... It is due to the location of the island and the trade winds in the region.

 The Happy Hour Snorkeling trip was a lot of fun, the rain ended up holding off and the seas weren't too bad. We went snorkeling over a German ship that was sunk off the coast of Aruba during WWII. The German's were trying to occupy all of the Dutch colonies... again I turn this into a history lesson....

Iguana's were EVERYWHERE!
 On our last night in Aruba we had dinner reservations at a restaurant that served dinner out on the beach at sunset. We were both really excited until there was an island-wide power outage about 5 o'clock... right about the time we needed to take showers for dinner. Needless to say, I wish I looked a little bit more "put together" as my friend Jenn Love would say, but oh well! Luckily, the hotel where the restaurant was located had the largest generator on the island, so we were also the only people on the island that got to eat dinner out that night! It all worked out perfectly and was extremely romantic.
Last night in Aruba, dinner on the beach... it was the best.