Sunday, March 30, 2014

Busy Week!

It's been a busy week for us! Now that we have reached your due date and the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, you got to go on a few adventures this week! You went to your FIRST EVER volleyball match at Reagan! Since last summer we have been working hard to raise money to build sand volleyball courts on campus, thanks to the hard work of Coach Folger and the generosity of Reagan volleyball parents and others, we did it! So you were there for the first Reagan Sand volleyball match in Reagan history! Of course I forgot to get a picture of you at Reagan, but we took one once we got back! We will be going out to the courts again and I will make sure I get a pic of you then! 

Speaking of the generosity of the Reagan volleyball parents, they threw us a beautiful baby celebration for you on Sunday! Everyone loved you and you were so well behaved! You got a lot of awesome gifts, you are one spoiled kiddo! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that love us and treat us like family! Thank you for the pictures Christy Holcomb!

You are eating a little over 3 oz, 8x a day. One night this week you slept 4 hours at a time! It was so wonderful, but you haven't done it sense... Oh well, all in good time! You are staying awake more and more during the day, mostly in the afternoon and evening. You are doing a great job holding up your head, and you are starting to coo more! Your Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Brian have come to see you back to back weekends, and watched you on Friday so I could go to the grocery store. Aunt Lindsay brought you all kinds of gifts (have I mentioned that you are spoiled?) including some Hokie gear! The two of us went out on your first outing, just the two of us, we went to Homegoods and Target on Thursday, you did great! Thankfully, so far, you like your carseat! I think that's it for now, we love you baby boy, you bring us so much joy!

Tummy time

You LOVE bath time
I love the the three of you more than anything!
Relaxing in your mamaroo
Napping during the day on your belly. You hate sleeping on your back :( you will have to get used to it though!
Love those cheeks!

Laying under your activity gym, you love looking at the little animals!
Molly is ready to play frisbee with you! She brought it to you the other night.
Meeting Aunt Lindsay, go Hokies!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Due Date

We have reached your due date! Its so hard to imagine a life where we would still be waiting for your arrival. The last two and half months have not been easy, but we are so glad we have gotten to spend the extra time with you. We weighed you at home this week in your dry diaper and the scale read 8 lbs 2 oz. You are growing so well! You are starting to stay awake longer during the day and you love to hold your head up and look around!
We have been looking at pictures and videos of you from the early days in the NICU, its hard to see you so small and with all of the tubes. You have come so far, sweet boy. We love you baby boy and we are so glad you are here!

One week old

Ten weeks old

Tara Joyce volunteered so much time at the NICU to photograph you and other babies, we felt that it was only appropriate that she you take your newborn photos... this time she got paid! She did a beautiful job, as always!

Go Apps!

Fight Apps!
For Daddy's Desk

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Slacker Mom

I have been slacking on the blogging thing lately and I have a really good excuse. Its called sleep deprivation, kiddo. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep at night so I've been trying to sleep during the day while you are sleeping. Needless to say, blogging has not been at the top of my list. So, lets see what you have been up to the last two weeks.... 
Last week you went to the doctor again and weighed 6 lbs 8 oz, you are gaining over an ounce a day! We weighed you last night at home and you weighed 7.4 lbs! You are eating close to 3 oz of breast milk, 8 times a day. This weekend we tried to see if you could go 4 hours without eating during the night... and you didn't like it too much, you are one hungry kid! We will stick to the every three hour routine a little while longer. You are awake and alert more during the day, thank goodness its not during the night! You used to only wake up to eat and then you would fall back asleep, now you are awake sometimes for three hours a couple times during the day. During that time you love to look around and practice holding your head up, you are really strong for a little baby! You are still a very gassy baby and you are constantly grunting and making all kinds of funny noises. Some days (ehemm, when you haven't pooped that day) you get VERY cranky and its hard to console you. One thing we have discovered is you love to hear people singing... specifically, Zac Brown Band! On multiple occasions you have been in the middle of a blood curdling cry fest and ZBB quieted you right down, its like magic! 
The weather has still been wacky, the last two weeks went a little something like this... 70 and sunny, ice storm, 60 and sunny, below freezing cold, 70 and sunny, and finally, sleet/freezing rain/black ice. School was released early yesterday and closed again today. If I were working right now, I would be really frustrated because school is going to go well into summer. 
My 27th birthday was last Wednesday, the same day you turned 9 weeks old. We went to the doctor and then went and picked up Daddy at work to go out to eat for the first time as a family of three! We fed you in Daddy's office and then we went to Cheddar's for lunch. We kept your car seat covered the whole time and you napped quietly while listening to the soothing sounds of your giraffe sound machine, you did great!
Nana has been spending Thursday nights at our house and helping me at night and on Fridays during the day, she loves you so much! This weekend we went to the lake house for a little R&R with Nana and Papa. Daddy and Papa were preparing for warm weather and the boat, your daddy is SO excited to get the boat out for wake boarding. He's also excited for your first summer on the water, he already bought you a very cool infant life jacket. Hopefully, you will love water and the lake as much as we do! 
I think thats all for now, I promise to do a better job with updating. Time is going by so fast, I don't want to forget any of these moments with you! 
Now for some pictures!

This is your favorite way to sleep, not very practical when we want to get something done!
Wide awake in your mamaroo
You and Molly dog!
Ice storm on 3/7, very lucky we didn't lose power at our house
Nap time with Nana, Molly wanted in on cuddle time
First trip to Lowder, Inc.
Sweet cheeks
Funny sleeping position
Molly dog keeping watch over you at the lake house
Happy St. Paddy's Day!
Snuggles with Daddy

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wacky Weather

Hi sweet boy,
The weather has been super crazy the last few days! Yesterday, it was 67 degrees and sunny, we even went for your first walk outside! Today, it is in the 20s and it is sleeting outside... welcome to NC, son!
We went to the doctor this morning and you are doing great! You weigh 5 lbs 13 oz! You are starting to get more of a personality and we are learning your likes and dislikes. Recently, you have slept best either on our chest or on Momma's pregnancy pillow. The giraffe sound machine that Aunt Liz bought you will soothe you almost instantly, its been a life saver when you have been uncomfortable and gassy the last few days. Also, Molly LOVES you! She will go and check on you when you make the slightest little sound! She has given you a couple little licks on the head, and she likes to cuddle up with you! She has been our baby until we had you, so it makes us so happy to see that she loves you and wants to protect you! Here are a few pictures of the last couple days! Love you!!

Sunny and 67, first walk 3/2/14
Waited so long to see sweet, chunky cheeks!

Listening to your giraffe sound machine
I woke up around 2 am and found you and Daddy like this! 
Nice and comfy this morning

Molly loves her baby Jackson!