Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas of 2011 was our second Christmas as a married couple, our eleventh together overall, our first with Molly and in our new home! It was a wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy, and time spent with friends and family. I was so excited to decorate the house for Christmas, it was something I always enjoyed doing with my mom growing up. Hunter just rolls his eyes and lets me do it, he really is getting the hang of my decorating obsession, he doesn't even ask me how much I spent anymore!

Pinterest creation... 
Love Christmas cards, we sent out our first one this year! 

Pinterest creation... our wedding invitation in a Christmas ornament. 

On the eve of Christmas Eve we had friends over to celebrate, it was lots of fun. However, I should have taken more pictures, story of my life. Here are a few of my favorites!


My love
Molly greeted guests as Santa... for about 30 seconds.
Family Christmas photo

Pinterest creation... no one would eat the damn veggies because they didn't want to mess up the tree! 

Something was REALLY exciting
Love them. 
So on Christmas Eve I couldn't wait any longer, and Hunter, myself and Molly opened Christmas gifts! Disclaimer: do not judge me for wrapping my puppy's gifts and for taking pictures when she opened them. For now, she is my child and Christmas is all about the kids. There, I said it.

yumm, new rawhide chews


On our way to the Wood house Christmas morning! 
This was my first Christmas morning that I did not wake up at my parents house... I actually didn't cry! Ever since we got engaged, Christmas mornings have been a little hectic and not quite what I was used to, but I'm finally getting the hang of our new Christmas morning routine. First thing Christmas morning we went to the Wood house, opened gifts and then got to the Crews house by 10:30. Then it was to the Showalter house to find out if we were going to have a niece or nephew in May! 
                     The grandmothers were pretty excited about finding pink gifts! 
Trey was also pretty excited about getting a little sister :) 
Can't wait to meet Charlotte! 
Trey's gift to Charlotte!
After the gender reveal we went back to my parents house to sit around the fire with family.
This was quite the post, I just realized how crazy the last few days have been. This Christmas was a very, merry one indeed.