Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growing Big, Baby Boy!

For the record, I started this post last week and forgot to publish it!
You are growing so big!! Here is an update on what you have been up to this week! On Thursday, you had your first appointment at Amos Cottage with Brenner Children's Hospital. They monitor NICU babies' development for the first two years. You weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and you measured 20" long... I think you might be longer than that though... You are outgrowing your newborn clothes because your arms and legs are so long. You have been wearing 3 month sleepers this week and they are the perfect length! We are barely able to get a newborn diaper on you, the size 1s fit, but I'm not wasting any of the newborns, only a few left! 
Your eyes are SO blue! Not the kind of blue eyes that all babies have at first, your eyes are a beautiful, deep blue... for now! Your hair is lightening up as well and it is really taking me by surprise! Your daddy and I both have very dark hair and eyes and I thought you would too by now! Your daddy has had dark hair since he was a baby, but my hair was a light brown until I was elementary school age. You do, however, have two grandparents (paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother) that have light hair and blue eyes... so who knows, maybe you got some recessive genes!
You are awake more and more everyday, the key is making sure you are awake during the day so you sleep at night! Since we have been feeding you 3 oz at meal times, you have been consistently sleeping 4 hours at night. Its a good thing you are so cute, because I LOVE my sleep, and after 3 months of not so great sleep, it is starting to get to me. I'm still having to pump breast milk for you every 3-4 hours, so instead of getting an hour and a half of sleep at a time, I'm now getting 2 1/2- 3 hours at a time. I'm not going to lie, kiddo, its pretty awesome. There are times when I wish that I didn't have to pump so I could get more sleep, but my supply is not going as far as it used to now that you are eating so much, so I need to pump more in order to keep the milk flowing. I know how good breast milk is for you and I'm dreading the day that we might have to supplement with formula, but all will be ok! We still try to nurse everyday, but you don't seem to be too interested. Nursing is too much work and not enough reward for you! We will keep trying though because I would love to be able to nurse at night so I can get more sleep, I'm so selfish, I know :)
You are doing a great job with tummy time and holding up your head, you are SO strong for a little guy! Sometimes we put you the bobby and sometimes we lean back and we lay with you chest to chest... that's your favorite. You love looking around, especially towards any form of light. You look towards the window and up at the light on the ceiling or the side table lamp. 
You have also enjoyed laying under your activity gym that my Uncle Steve and Aunt Patti in Texas sent you! You look at all of the little animals hanging over your head and you have been hitting them when you move your arms and they make little noises, you will be hitting them on purpose before we know it!
Now that you are awake so much, I think I have created a monster out of you. You LOVE to be held. Like every hour of every day. Like even at night. We are working on it though... I just can't help it, you are so dern cute and I love to look at you and talk to you! I love you sweet boy!! Happy Three Months!!

Tummy Time!

On the way to Amos Cottage 4/3/14
Hanging out with Daddy after your dinner

I love you boys!

Meeting Will and Elizabeth!

Working hard...

From your three month photo shoot today! Love that smile, I can't wait to see more of it!

You spit up all over your sleeper (what's new?) so we had a naked baby photo shoot!

LONG legs!

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