Sunday, March 30, 2014

Busy Week!

It's been a busy week for us! Now that we have reached your due date and the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, you got to go on a few adventures this week! You went to your FIRST EVER volleyball match at Reagan! Since last summer we have been working hard to raise money to build sand volleyball courts on campus, thanks to the hard work of Coach Folger and the generosity of Reagan volleyball parents and others, we did it! So you were there for the first Reagan Sand volleyball match in Reagan history! Of course I forgot to get a picture of you at Reagan, but we took one once we got back! We will be going out to the courts again and I will make sure I get a pic of you then! 

Speaking of the generosity of the Reagan volleyball parents, they threw us a beautiful baby celebration for you on Sunday! Everyone loved you and you were so well behaved! You got a lot of awesome gifts, you are one spoiled kiddo! We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that love us and treat us like family! Thank you for the pictures Christy Holcomb!

You are eating a little over 3 oz, 8x a day. One night this week you slept 4 hours at a time! It was so wonderful, but you haven't done it sense... Oh well, all in good time! You are staying awake more and more during the day, mostly in the afternoon and evening. You are doing a great job holding up your head, and you are starting to coo more! Your Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Brian have come to see you back to back weekends, and watched you on Friday so I could go to the grocery store. Aunt Lindsay brought you all kinds of gifts (have I mentioned that you are spoiled?) including some Hokie gear! The two of us went out on your first outing, just the two of us, we went to Homegoods and Target on Thursday, you did great! Thankfully, so far, you like your carseat! I think that's it for now, we love you baby boy, you bring us so much joy!

Tummy time

You LOVE bath time
I love the the three of you more than anything!
Relaxing in your mamaroo
Napping during the day on your belly. You hate sleeping on your back :( you will have to get used to it though!
Love those cheeks!

Laying under your activity gym, you love looking at the little animals!
Molly is ready to play frisbee with you! She brought it to you the other night.
Meeting Aunt Lindsay, go Hokies!

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