Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Out and About!

The weather is warming, spring has sprung, and we have been out and about with you lately! You behave SO well (so far) when we take you out! On Friday, we went and visited Reagan High after school and you met some of Momma's co-workers and even some students! Then we went to watch some sand volleyball. It was nice and warm outside and you really enjoyed the nice afternoon breeze! I know I promised that I would take pictures of you the next time we went to a match... but I forgot again! Maybe next week!? On Saturday night you made your first trip to downtown Winston. The weather was BEAUTIFUL so it was a busy, busy place! We went to meet Katy and Drew for dinner at Mellow Mushroom and you were perfect. You loved all the noise and all you did was look around at all the new sights! Katy and Drew were fighting over you, I think they were pretty smitten :) On Sunday, we went the Capturing Hopes Spring Event. It was a fundraiser for the organization that means so much to us! You got an Easter picture taken by some of the volunteer photographers, you did great and I'm looking forward to seeing how it turned out! It was pretty hot this weekend and there was a lot of pollen (Molly is an itchy mess right now) but you did fine spending so much time outside! On Monday, we went to the doctor to see how you growing and you are doing GREAT! You weigh 9 lbs 3 oz and are 21 inches long! Dr. Pashayan said you are going to be a big boy and will soon be as big as full term babies that were born in January! He said that if you had been born at full term, you would have been a BIG baby :) Now that we are close to a month after your due date I'm looking forward to seeing more smiles and personality out of you. I can hardly wait till I hear you giggle for the first time :) On Monday, we went to visit Nana at Reynolds American. She walked you around the building, showing you off to all of her co-workers! There were so many people that were praying for us while you were in the hospital, I'm so glad you are getting big enough where we can take you to meet them! Nana kept introducing you as "her baby" I think she loves you just a little :) AND FINALLY, last night we went and had dinner with Momma's cousin, Jenna. She lives in Austin, TX but comes to Charlotte often for business, she was so excited to meet you! Of course, I forgot to get a picture of you two! This weekend is your first Easter and we are leaving for the lake tomorrow, so I will post some more next week! We love you sweet boy!
Downtown W-S, 4/12
Meeting Kate and Drew!

Family pic! Its been a while since our last one!
Visiting Nana at RJR 4/14

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