Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Six Weeks Later

Six weeks later, we find ourselves anxiously preparing for your arrival home, sweet boy! We got the news this week from the doctors that the countdown is on as long as you continue to keep up the good work! It has been a busy week of buying and assembling a few last minute nessecities. Daddy, of course, has assembled your pack and play and stroller with ease.  At the hospital today, you passed your hearing test, and you had your circumcision. You were SO mad and downright pitiful afterwards! I don't blame you! I held you until your tylonol kicked in and you finally calmed down and fell asleep. Your Daddy kept telling you, jokingly, that it was all my fault because I was the one that signed the paperwork!  One day you will thank me though :) 
You have been eating like a champ the last few days, 40 mls at every feeding! It's showing too, you weighed 4 lbs 12 oz today! You didn't eat very well after your circ today, but that was to be expected. We were hoping you would hit the 5lb mark by the time you came home, but that might be a little unrealistic since you have so much going on the next couple days! 
Tomorrow, you will have your car seat test, you have to sit in it for 90 minutes without your oxygen saturation rate dropping. Momma and Daddy are getting a refresher in baby CPR, and then Capturing Hopes are taking some of your last photos in the NICU! We are SO thankful that the day is almost here! 
So handsome. 
Getting your hearing test done, you look like you belong in a beats commercial 
Molly is patiently awaiting your arrival too, we have been bringing your clothes and blankets home so she can get familiar with your scent :) 

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