Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Four Weeks Old!

Hello sweet boy!
What a great week you had! On Saturday, they took off your cannula and you have been breathing all on your own ever since! I love being able to FINALLY see your handsome little face! You are a big hit in the NICU, all of the nurses come by to see you everyday and always swoon over how CUTE you are! Today, you weigh 3 lbs 12 oz and you are getting fed 26 ml every three hours. You are still doing a great job on eating from your bottle! You are taking between 15-20 ml from your bottle three or four times a day. Last week you were only taking between 4-7 ml a couple times a day. Keep it up, kiddo!! 
Bye, bye cannula!
Bottle time
You are starting to look like a newborn instead of an itty-bitty preemie!
Love that sweet little face!

This week has been the week of Momma asking one question (over and over) "Did he poop!?" Apparently, you are not very regular... and sometimes you get all backed up and it causes everyone to get all panicky. We were very excited on Monday morning when you pooped twice without any need for glycerin (stool softener). You may be asking yourself, "Momma, why would you ever get 'very excited' about my poop?!" Its sad, I know, but my life as a NICU mom is consumed by breast milk output, residual amounts, and poopy diapers. We were excited because we want you pooping without the help of glycerin, that way it shows us that all of your plumbing is working correctly! On Monday, it was working so well that your Daddy got a chance to change HIS FIRST POOPY DIAPER... EVER! For years, I have been trying to get him to change your cousins' diapers. Yesterday, you had worked up a big one, and I asked him (like always) if he would like to change your diaper, and his response (like always) was, "you got it." Then, the nurse mentioned that you couldn't come home until a nurse watched him change a dirty diaper and checked him off. As soon as she said that, he took off his jacket and told me to move over. Don't ever challenge your Daddy, because he will make it into a competition. He was not only going change your diaper with ease, but he wanted to do it faster and better than any diaper your Momma has ever changed. He did a great job for his first diaper, but I think he needs more practice :) 
Daddy looks a little TOO excited to be changing a poopy diaper, he loves you SO much!

Last night you had a large residual and your belly was a little distended, so they gave you a glycerin to help. When I called at 10pm, the nurses described your diaper as a "blow out." We are really praying that your tummy and plumbing start working correctly soon. You looked so wonderful today when I held you and gave you your bottle. You were wide awake and so alert!  I love that you are getting stronger and more alert everyday, that means we are getting closer and closer to getting you home sweet boy! We love you so much!

You had a case of the hiccups today, so cute!

And now, the many faces of Jackson Wood Crews... 
"I'm not tired Momma, I swear!"

Your onesie says "I'm a catch" we agree <3

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