Friday, February 14, 2014

My Little Valentine

Happy Valentines Day Jackson! Today we brought your nurses and doctors donuts! Most of them have been snowed in at the hospital the last couple of days because of the snowpocalypse! Nurses and doctors don't get snow days like everyone else, we are very thankful for all them and what they do for you and the other babies!

Hi handsome :)

You will notice that your feeding tube is back. It's not a real big deal, you have just been getting tired through some of your feedings and you weren't able to finish your bottle. You are still doing a great job! Unfortunatly, you did have an episode yesterday with your oxygen, so your countdown to go home has started over. However, your nurses and I have decided not to call it a countdown, we don't want to jinx it again! We are just going to focus on one day at a time, and hope that everything goes well over the next week! Today you weighed 4 lbs 9 oz, and you are still taking about 80% of your daily feedings from your bottle. We are all  hoping that your feeding lightbulb clicks soon, you are very, very close! You are eating 35 mls per feeding, hopefully, you will get to go back to adlibbing soon so you don't have to take so much for every feeding. The higher your volume the more issues of reflux you are having... Which is what led to your episode yesterday, you choked a little on your spit up and by the time the nurses got to you you needed some oxygen to bring up your oxygen saturation numbers.... A little frustrating, but oh well! We are anxious to get you home, but we also want you to come home when you are 100% ready. Today I would have been 35 weeks pregnant with you, and you are doing a great job for a baby that should still be chillin in my tummy! We are proud of you and love you so very much! Momma and Daddy are going out on a Valentines dinner date tomorrow at Fratellis, it might be the last date for a while :) 

Now some pictures from the big snow, we got 8"! What's really interesting is the last time we got this much snow was the February before I was born in 1987! 

No one on I-40 Thursday, we braved the weather to come see you that morning :)

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