Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week Two

Hi sweet boy,
Today you are two weeks old! We are so proud of all the progress you have made in the last week! This week has brought us a lot of good news and less scary news, which makes us very, VERY happy parents! As of today, you weigh 3 lbs 4 oz :) :) :) and you are eating 24 CCs of breast milk every three hours. We are SO glad you are gaining weight!! You are getting enough nutrition from  Momma's milk that you no longer need your PICC line, so they took it out last night. For ten days you had that big and bulky IV on your little arm, Momma knows that you are happy it is gone. Now that the PICC line is gone, there is a small risk of infection, so we are asking for LOTS of prayers that you continue to stay healthy. Today the doctors said that your murmur was louder than it normally is. The doctors think that it might be PDA (common in premies), and that hopefully the reason that your murmur is louder is because its closing. We are asking for more prayers, hoping that this is the case and the murmur goes away. Your tachypnea is doing so much better, we are thankful for answered prayers!  We love you sweet boy!

 Love our kangaroo time
 Today we read "The Little Engine that Could"
Thank you, Uncle Tim and Aunt Liz!!
 Big yawn by a big boy!
Looking like Daddy and maybe some Papa?? 

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