Monday, January 20, 2014

A Mustache Bash!

Hi sweet boy,
On Saturday, Lauren and Nana threw you a beautiful baby shower! Not many mommies get to share baby pictures and stories of their little one at a shower, it was a lot of fun! The theme was a "Mustache Bash" and it was absolutely precious, Lauren worked so hard on all the decorations! We are so thankful for all of the people that came to shower us with gifts! Everyone has been so supportive the last two weeks, it meant even more to celebrate your arrival with everyone in person. Thank you to everyone that came, we love you all!

Everyone signed a copy of "Mustache Baby" by Bridget Heos

Lauren's diaper cake creation!
 Aunt Lauren!
 Momma and Daddy

 I can't wait for you to fit in those clothes!

Dewey's cupcakes

 Aunt Lindsay, Mimi, and Great Mawmaw Shirley
 Jenn, Nicole, Katy, and Beth

 Thank you, Elizabeth for taking pictures!!

I also have a quick update on how you are progressing! You are doing such a great job, sweet boy! You are still a little tachypneic, but the doctors don't seem to be too bothered. I think Momma and Daddy are WAY more concerned than any of the doctors or nurses, but I guess its our job to worry because we love you so much. There are no other signs that would suggest your lungs aren't functioning the way they should, so thats good news! The last couple of days we have really been able to tell that you aren't breathing has fast as you were a week ago, which is also great to see! Your respiratory rate is the best during kangaroo time, which really puts Momma at ease, it tells me that you are nice and comfy. I LOVE our kangaroo time every day! Now that you aren't breathing as fast as you were, and since it seems to actually improve when I hold you, the nurses have been letting me hold you for an up to an hour and forty-five minutes! 

You are still doing an awesome job at eating! As of today at lunch, you were up to 14 CCs of Momma's breast milk. You are doing such a great job at digesting, that they are going to up your food by 1 CC every 6 hours instead of every 12 hours! You will be up to 24 CCs before we know it! Yesterday, you had three poops, all during Nurse Candy's shift :) In fact, Momma and Daddy were there for the last one, funny story actually... I had just taken your temperature and changed your diaper, when all of a sudden, you scrunched up your face and you got really red! You arched your back, and then I heard a special sound that meant only one thing.... I then asked Daddy if he wanted to change your special diaper, and for some reason he said "You got it." He WILL change a dirty diaper one of these days! Just as I was finishing changing your stinky diaper, you decided it would be funny to pee as I was putting on your fresh diaper! So yes, you went through three diapers in less than five minutes! Lets hope thats a record for the books and we don't have to do that again! Even with all that pooping you are still gaining weight! WOOHOO! Today you weighed 3 lbs 1oz! We are so proud of you, sweet boy! Today you also laid on your back for a while with your eyes open, interacting with Momma and Daddy. You already have quite the personality! We were even able to make a video to send to Nana for her birthday! She loved it! We love you, son! Keep up the good work so you can come home soon! 

Your birthday video for Nana!

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  1. These are SO fun to read. I can already tell he is growing and I love how happy he makes you both :) Love, love. S & T