Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let Us Give Thanks!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Good food, time spent with good friends and family, and time to reflect on how blessed we ALL truly are. In the last couple of years I have redirected my energy and thoughts from all of the things I wish I had, to being thankful and happy about all of the wonderful things I already have. You know what happened? I have never been more happy in my life, and to be honest, I have been blessed with even more. BE THANKFUL, people! Yes, the economy is not doing so hot, unemployment is up, and politicians have officially lost their minds. But lets face it, you could be living in war torn Syria, or the slums of India, or under the rule of Kim Jong Il for goodness sakes. Lets go back to 1621, Plymouth, MA. Talk about life not being so great! The colonists just made it through a long winter and with the help from the Wampanoag they made it to their first harvest. So, they sat down and gave thanks together. Fast forward 242 years, our country was almost three years into the Civil War. Despite the atrocities that war had on Americans, Lincoln still declared that every November the United States would celebrate a day of Thanksgiving. Its all about perspective people, and we should all be very thankful. Excuse my history lesson... it happens. On the news there are people camping out in front of electronic and toy stores in preparation for Black Friday. Its Thanksgiving, go home to your families, watch the Thanksgiving parade, maybe a little a football, and reflect on the blessings that you have. Set an example to your children that this time of the year (and life in general) should not be about obtaining material objects, but instead giving and receiving love. I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, and that it is filled with lots of love and thanks!

This year I am thankful for: my loving family, my wonderful husband, the best puppy in the world and all the joy she has brought us this year, our beautiful first home, great friends- that I do not see enough, my amazing job and my supportive co-workers, Hunter's new job as estimator at his company (he is great at it by the way, very proud!), and I am thankful for the overall happiness that I have. Life is good. 

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