Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Busy, Busy Month

Well, well, well, where do I begin? I have seen you grow in so many ways this month, and of course this was the month I decided to take a hiatus from blogging! I'm going to have to be as short and sweet as possible because this is the fifth time I've tried to write this post over the last month, and I've sat down an additional three different times today. I'm bound and determined to finish RIGHT now!
( I didn't finish right then, it took another 24 hours...)

As of June 1, your adjusted age is 10 weeks, you weigh 12 lbs., 24" long, you wear 3 month clothes and we are using up the last of your size 1 diapers! In the last month, you...
Started to breastfeed- every 2-3 hours during the day, every 4-6 hours at night. woohoo!!
Smile, goo and gaa a lot! Its the sweetest thing ever!
Are a busy, busy boy! Your arms and legs are always moving a mile a minute.
Have started to loose your hair on the top and back of your head, you've got a real cool horseshoe style going on.
Have started to recognize Momma and Daddy's faces, and your grandparents' voices.
Like to look out windows, at ceiling fans, and love to feel the wind on your face.
Still love the car, most of the time you fall asleep, but more and more I see you just looking out the window or sun roof. 
Turn your head and follow Molly when she walks by you, this week you laughed at her when she was scratching her neck.
Love to lay under your play mat and swing at your animals, you are getting pretty good at it, too.
LOVE your excersaucer (jumper) even though you are too small for it (I rigged it with a box under your feet and a blanket stuffed around you for support). You are currently being entertained by it right now so I can finish this post, video below!
Only cry when you are hungry, tired (you started rubbing your eyes this week, super cute), or you want to look around.
When you do get upset, you have big crocodile tears and turn up your bottom lip. Its. pitiful. 
Suck on your fist to soothe yourself, and you've started to drool.
Still get the hiccups at least once a day.
Like to sit up like a big boy either propped up over a shoulder, in your bumbo seat, someone's lap, or in between the sofa cushions.
Have spit up in my hair, on my face, and on 90% of my sleepwear... 
Will only let me trim your nails when you are asleep... don't know if that counts as letting me though?
Will sometimes find the TV when its on, so we are having to turn you away or turn it off... sheesh!
Go to work out with Momma three days a week. You either sleep or dance the whole time.
Met your cousins, Uncle Tim, Aunt Liz, and your great grandparents on the Crews side.
Got your four month shots, it was pretty pitiful. It was the first and only time (so far) I've felt truly helpless when trying to care for you. 
Celebrated my first Mother's day, I love being your Momma!
Went to Hilton Head with the Wood clan, your Nana planned the trip after we told her we were expecting you. I think she just wanted a guaranteed week with you all to herself. You are still trying to get used to the lack of attention you are getting... poor baby. 

I think thats it for now, I'm sure I've missed something! I can't believe you are almost five months old, but then again its hard to remember our life before you arrived. We love you, sweet boy!!

First big smile caught on camera

Go Apps!
Napping with Molly
Love being nakey

Working out with momma
Love sitting on Papa's knee
Lost your paci
chunky cheeks
Go hokies!
Talking to daddy
You went with me to vote in the May primary

Met daddy for lunch one afternoon
You love sleeping on daddy
BIG smile

Love sleeping on momma, too

So sweet

Meeting Trey and Charlotte!!
Meeting Uncle Tim, sorry Aunt Liz, I didn't get a pic of you?!?

Four generations of Crews men

Maw-maw and Paw-paw

Mothers Day... dang I look tired, ha!

My favorite picture of the two of us
You love your mimi
post-shots :(
You look like a sumo wrestler!
you are getting to be a BIG guy
On the way to Hilton Head, you did great! Slept there and back, only needed one stop each trip!
Silly sun hat!
First trip to the pool
Toes in the pool
Hanging with Papa poolside 
Nana dressed you, cool breeze!
My boys
Our family
Loved having your toes in the sand!
Meeting momma's cousins, Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy!
Thank you for driving all the way from Charleston!!
The whole Wood clan!
All smiles, all the time
First baseball game, went to cheer on our alma mater in the final four game
Nakey boys
Welcoming great granddaddy home from the hospital!
Love your bumbo
and your excersaucer...
told you!
Look at that head control!
Looking at Molly... notice the hair style...
Talking to daddy!
Jump around!

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